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No one of consequence.

Get used to disappointment.


Inigo Montoya:  "Who are you?"
Man In Black:  "No one of consequence."
Inigo Montoya:  "I must know!"
Man In Black:  "Get used to disappointment."

I'm also sinick on insanejournal and dreamwidth.

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Obligatory Disclaimers:
I am old enough to legally read and view adult content.
No copyright infringement is intended, no money has been made.
May contain nuts.

Dragon Age

A Second Chance

Two Roads

Harry Potter

Snarry-A-Thon 2012

Snarry-A-Thon 2010

Severus Big Bang Birthday Bash 2010

Snarry Games 2009

Snarry Games 2008

Snarry Holidays 2007

Snarry Games 2007

Hello, Half-Blood Prince

hello_hbp is an on-going HP/SS fiction and artwork project, created and maintained by
acid (who contributes by spending too much time with computer graphics programs and channelling Harry Potter) and
sinick (who is responsible for impersonating Libatius Borage and other shady characters with a flair for Advanced Potion-Making).
The project borrows its title from acid's story by the same name.
Please drop by and take a look, and if what you see interests you, feel free to watch the community for further updates.

The Dead Potter Society

dead_potter_soc is a community welcoming Harry Potter fiction and artwork: slash, het or gen, of any rating.
Stories and artwork feature the themes of death, ghosts, the afterlife, or survivors.
Community originated and moderated by sinick.


Trading Cards

   The Sinick Gluteus sapiens is an omnivorous predator. Despite its small size, it has been known to devour entire fanfiction archives. Its most common prey is Snarry, Snucius, Snaco, Snupin and Snack, but it also consumes particularly juicy Snarcissa, Snermione, Snockhart, Sneville, Snilch and Snagrid. It can be trained by use of WIPs to sit up and beg for its next morsel. Like the squirrel, the Sinick stores a cache of particularly tasty treats to which it returns when times are bad, but the Sinick keeps them on a 'Hard Drive' (the name is probably derived from the nature of the Sinick's preferred prey).
   Deceptively inoffensive-looking most of the year, the Sinick undergoes a seasonal moult around summer. At that time the Sinick sheds its usual drab plumage, which camouflages it so effectively that it can be mistaken for a Common Yuppie Prattus vanilla. After the summer moult, the Sinick can be observed in various impractical costumes at the peripatetic pack rituals of its kind, otherwise known as 'Conventions'.
- Extreme durability: has lurked around
  various fandoms for decades and is still
  mad as a meataxe going strong.
- Basic black attire goes with any decor.*
* As long as it's Goth.**
** Or extremely Grunge.
- Shady characters: villains, anti-heroes,
  outcasts, loners and the morally ambiguous.
- Wit, intelligence, literary skill.
Special Skills:
- Black Belt in Pun-Fu.
- Raiser of the Single Eyebrow Of DOOM.
- Can extract foot from mouth without
   removing barbs from tongue.
Weapons: Weapon of Mass Distraction (WMD) firing a Depleted Bitchpleasium Cartridge: Wanker Piercing, Pun Stabilized, Disrespecting Sabotage, with Flamer (WPPSDS-F)
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